Texas Power Outage - Emergency Power - Storage Power - Outdoor Power

2021-04-08 16:16:01 admin 3719

A third of the United States is reported to have experienced unusually severe weather. Millions of people in Texas have been left without power or water due to an unusually cold snap. The extreme weather has killed nearly 50 people across the United States, more than half of them in the worst-hit state.


Residents in Texas are without electricity and water, and there is no way to heat their homes quickly. Long lines formed at stores to buy coal, gas canisters and candles, and those who did not get them were forced to tear down their fences and even some children's bricks to keep them warm.With the exception of Texas, all of the United States experienced Armageddon as the Arctic cold wave rolled south, leaving dozens of centimeters of snow and indoor water pipes freezing and bursting.


Not only did the cold snap bring the lowest temperatures in decades, it also knocked out water and wind power systems in Texas, forcing residents to cut off water and electricity, and causing electricity prices to soar by as much as 1,000 percent.A kilowatt-hour electricity cost 65 yuan, and all of it is given priority to the city center, while residential areas are dark and resigned.In the face of natural disasters, our human beings are weak, because we do not know when the disaster will happen, so we should strengthen the safety awareness, keep some medicine and protective tools.



What is the best portable energy storage power source if the power goes out?When electronic devices start up, they will consume more power than when they are running, which is called surge power or startup power, and then reduced to running power.If the surge power exceeds the capacity of the generator, it will be cut off.To calculate the power you need, add the operating power of all the devices that you want to use at the same time, and then add the highest startup power of all the devices.This will provide you with the portable energy storage power you want to purchase.

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